Regarding malicious violators
@I would like to take this opportunity to alert you to a secondary creation in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
This is a very malicious violator of the terms and conditions, and despite repeated warnings, he has not listened to them, so I am reporting the situation by name.
We ask that anyone who receives requests for illustrations does not accept requests related to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia from this person.
Also, please be aware that he has been using other people to make requests on his behalf.

@First, let me briefly tell you what happened.
A few years ago, a person named Cheral ( (formerly known as Wightfag) made a commission request for an illustration that violated the terms and conditions for secondary creations in the genres of swapping, NTR, bestiality (the beast was not her transformed husband), etc. We have warned him by DM on Twitter.
At that time, he showed understanding and remorse for our warning, and he promised not to violate the rules in the future.
@However, he continued to commission illustrations that violated the terms of the agreement behind our back, and distributed and shared the illustrations on his private Twitter account and discord server.
Just last month (December, 2022), we sent a second warning via Twitter DM, informing Cheral that he would be completely banned from creating derivative works of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
At that time, Cheral said, "From now on, I will have nothing to do with Monster Girl Encyclopedia. However, she is my wife and I will continue to get her illustrations.
I told him, "As long as you assume that it is not a derivative of Monster Girl Encyclopedia, if you use Wight's design from Monster Girl Encyclopedia as it is, that would be design plagiarism. I told him that I wanted him to change the design and make it different from Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight, and he agreed and promised to change the design.
@However, he continued to use the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight design without changing it, and he also requested illustrations under a different name when he asked for them, perhaps because "Cheral (himself) is prohibited from creating derivative works," and the promise was broken.
@When I warn a company or a non-anonymous individual of a code violation, I usually do so confidentially via DM or email. I do not publicize the story because it would tarnish or embarrass the person I am warning.
I generally only issue a warning the first time, and only take strong measures such as filing a DMCA or banning the person if they are offended by the first warning, or if they repeat the same behavior again.
In most cases, even if it is the second time, we will not publicize the fact that you exchanged DMs or violated our terms and conditions for the aforementioned reasons.
@However, in this case, the person was upset, broke his promise, and even asked a third party to do the illustration request on his behalf, and he seems to continue to use Wight.
@Therefore, we have decided to make this announcement by name, including a warning to all illustrators who have received requests to draw pictures.
@Below is a summary of the correspondence at the time of the first warning and the second warning.
I have saved the logs, but I am already blocked by Mr. Cheral and cannot ask for permission to publish private communications.
The text of the message is a little difficult to understand because it is written through DeepL, a translation tool.
Therefore, please forgive me for posting a transcription of the contents of the letter in its entirety.

First warning (several years ago)
gWe found an illustration that violated our terms and conditions (URL attached).
The swapping genre of illustrations is prohibited by the terms and conditions, so please delete it and do not create or commission illustrations like this in the future."

gI am sorry, but this is in agreement with my wife. The illustration is not NTR."

As stated in the terms and conditions, the prohibited genres are not only NTR, but also secondary creations that deviate from the setting of Monster Girl Encyclopedia and damage the image of Monster Girl Encyclopedia and its characters are prohibited.
You know that Monster Girls in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia do not desire to have sexual intercourse with other males, and that they are instinctively unable to recognize other males except for their partners.
You claim that Wight is your wife, but you make her do things she doesn't want to do?"

I understand. We will remove the relevant illustrations and will not request illustrations that violate the terms of the agreement in the future.
Thank you for telling this story in confidence and not publishing it publicly."

I'm glad you understood. Please take good care of your wife.

(Excerpt from the terms and conditions: 4.
4. when you create a derivative work, please read through the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, the setting materials, and the text of each Monster Girl before you create it.
@Please read the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and the setting materials, and understand the minimum setting of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia before you create a derivative work.
(Monster Girl does not suck and kill when she mingles with men.
Once a Monster Girl decides on a man to be her husband, she will never consort with any man other than her husband, etc., etc. (......)
@secondary creations that malign the setting or characters of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia by altering the setting or malicious content are:
@-CGI or external sites/blogs, we reserve the right to stop the creation and distribution of such works at our discretion.

@-Works with themes of slaughter and killing of humans and monsters, Monster Girl sucking men to death and ruining them through reverse rape and sucking, etc. are not allowed to be distributed.
-This is not in accordance with the setting and is not in keeping with the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

Also, NTR (including both cuckolding and being cuckolded) and similar or derivative sexual propensities, as well as secondary creations such as swapping, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Second Warning (Winter 2022)

gWe have learned that you are again requesting illustrations that violate our terms and conditions, despite our previous warning.
I warned you before, but this time you did it behind my back.
This time, it seems that you did it behind my back so that I wouldn't see it, but that doesn't mean that there is no problem if I don't find out about it, and just like bootlegging, hiding it only makes it more malicious.

Unfortunately, I have no other choice but to prohibit you from creating or requesting derivative works of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
Since you have failed to heed our previous warnings, you will be banned from all derivative works, not just those that contain content that violates the terms of the agreement.
If you have an excuse, we will hear it.h

gI have spent three years worth of money on commissions so far.
If you want to remove even secondary creations that do not violate the terms and conditions, that is fine, but I want to keep the illustrations I have commissioned so far for Wight fans.

As an excuse, I kept the illustrations that violated the terms and conditions private.
But then I was tipped off to you by a person with free time.
I got the illustration for my personal enjoyment, so this is private use. I did not do anything wrong, because I did not disclose it publicly."

gI don't care if you paid someone for three years, I didn't get it, so it has nothing to do with me.
However, I will not go back and ask you to delete your previous illustrations. The ban is only for the future.

Before your excuse, I have spoken to you politely at the time of the first warning. I am not sure why you did not listen to me and continued to do what you did.
In my previous warnings, I told you that it was against the terms of the agreement.
I also told you that if you claim her to be your wife, I expect you to take care of her, and di you not understand anything when you heard that?

How could anyone know about the existence of the illustration if you were using it privately and confidentially?

Private use means that you do not show, tell, or distribute your creations to anyone.
But you published your illustrations on your private account on Twitter and in the discord community, didn't you?
So that's what I'm getting from you.
If you are showing it to someone online, it is not private at that point.
You are making them available to others and that is not private use for personal enjoyment.

In addition to that, even though you are fully at fault in this case, you are shifting the blame to the person with free time who made the warning. Are you saying that the citizen who reported the incident is worse than the offender?
All of this is your fault for not heeding my first warning and continuing to mislead and misbehave, is it not?"

gI don't think what I did was a crime.
It is none of your business what I do with my money, and it is none of your business because it is not in the public eye and I did not use the Monster Girl Encyclopedia tag.
I rather respect your warning by not using the tag.
Are you ignoring my respect?

But thank you for not being unreasonable and making me delete my past works.
I will not get any more illustrations about Wight in the future."

gIf you decide to no longer be involved with Monster Girl Encyclopedia and no longer request work from us, then we won't tell you any more and we won't make you go back and delete any more of your work.
As long as you stay out of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, you are free to pursue your own interests.

However, the rule that you mentioned, "It's OK to break the rules as long as you don't post it in a tag," is your own rule, which does not exist in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's rules or in general copyright law.
If you are going to use those rules that you made to deal with Monster Girl Encyclopedia's derivative works again, please keep in mind that it is a different story.h

gI understand and reiterate that I will no longer be working with Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
I will not be including your work in any future illustrations I commission.
However, Elizabeth is my wife and I will continue to commission work from her that differs from your setting.
She has nothing to do with your setting anymore. These are my last words."

*Wight, whom Elizabeth ......Cheral claims to be his wife, her design is almost exactly the same as Wight's design in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia

gI'm sorry, but you can't use Wight's design from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
Continuing to use the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight design as is, even though it is not a derivative work, constitutes design plagiarism.h

(Cover image of the first volume of the "Princess Resurrection" manga is attached.)
gAs we have already mentioned, the design has nothing to do with the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight, and is different.
It is only inspired by Wight. If you claim plagiarism, please understand that Wight's design is not unique."

"I understand that the blonde character (Princess Resurrection's character, henceforth Princess Resurrection) is completely different from Wight's design in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
The Wight is not unique, including those in folklore and other creations, but the design of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight is unique. (And, of course, the designs of other creations as well.)
Just as the design of the Princess Resurrection is completely different from the design of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight, your wife should change from the original design of the Wight.
Of course, if your wife's design is different, just as the design of Princess Resurrection is different from the design of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Wight, I have nothing to say about it."

"I regret that our disagreement has led to this.
Then we are in agreement. Thank you."

"So you agree to change the design from the current Monster Girl Encyclopedia design, is that correct?
If so, I have nothing further to say.

Also, this is currently being done confidentially via DM, as it would be an embarrassment to you.
However, please keep in mind that if I hear something that is not true about this matter, I will have to take appropriate action, such as making this story public.h

gI am sure that the Wight is somewhat similar to your Wight, even if you have changed it a little.
This is just my way of showing respect to you.
If you threaten me like that and your followers attack me, I do not care about anything.
I am speaking thus for you, and your threats insult me."

gAnyway, I ask you to please do what you yourself have said: "I will not associate with Monster Girl Encyclopedia" and "I will make changes from the design of Monster Girl Encyclopedia".h

After this, it was discovered that Mr. Cheral did not change his Twitter header or icon from Wight, and in addition, he used another third party's name as a proxy to request Wight's illustration, which was deemed extremely malicious and led to the publication of this page.

In the first place, when you ask someone to draw an illustration for you and pay them, it is for "commercial purposes," so it is not private use in that respect either.