For the visitors from the English fan-base,

This time, a new site asked me the permission of using MGE materials, and I decided to cooperate with them officially .
If you have not seen MGEwiki, you should visit there by all means!

MGEwiki :

For the visitors from the English fan-base,
thank you for visiting my site and seeing MGE as always.

As you know, I revoked my permission for MGU to host MGE materials and requested they take down them.
However, the staffs have not revealed the details of our negotiation, so you may be confused and want to know the details behind it. So, now I will explain the reasoning and the circumstances behind my actions.


In MGU, it is said that the act of user Howaboutno making a guro-collage the reason for the C&D. It is true that it was the beginning, but he is merely one of many members of MGU, and I didn't demand MGU to take down MGE only because of his actions.

Some of you may still remember that I sent MGU a message about two years ago.
At that time, Howaboutno made several collages and sent them to me, and some of other members insulted me (one of them even said he wanted to kill me), and I complained that MGU not only pirated my materials, but also attacked me like this. Then the staff member NaGeL contacted me. So I asked him for the prevention of a recurrence of this as a condition to host my materials with permission. Then he said Howaboutno was permabanned, and asked me for permission to use MGE material. I permitted it because they dealt with the problem, and there were people who enjoy MGE. It is harsh to make Westerners have to learn Japanese and come to Japan to purchase MGE. I trusted and permitted them to host MGE including book materials, which is for sale. I have received no return in money for this in any way.

However, it was NaGeL himself who requested the unban of Howaboutno on MGU, and he made a guro collage again. They broke our promise by their internal actions, and I was deeply disappointed by this fact. They also explained to me that it is not the part of MGU, that Howbaboutno uploaded the guro collage offsite, so he would remain a member of MGU. (This also contradicts with their current explanation.)


Additionally, I designed MGE as "a world of ideal MGs to escape from the bitterness of reality" and fused in all fetishisms I love. But some people in MGU argue it is grimdark world, and this is said to be the other reason of C&D.

I said interpretation of MGE is entrusted to readers, so if they only enjoy such imagination, it was OK. However, they aggressively insisted to others that such interpretation was "canon", and declare that they should ignore my exploration because of "death of author", or it isnt written in books. I think such act is a distortion of the setting, not "interpretation". Still I know they are mere vocal minority, so if they were all of the problems, we could solve them by announcing the right setting and refrain them from being aggressive to the opponent.

However, some of MGU staffs not only tolerate them, but also join them. They attacked me repeatedly, saying I should stop world-building, scrap every settings of MGE and rend all of writing to others like the author of MGQ, or that I have tried to cut ahead of the competition from their own fellow staff. The criticism to the works was alright, but they often went to excess and tried to attack myself as an individual. Not only that, such deeds are done by the staff, those who should by all rights admonish them.

There have been many people who felt such environment uncomfortable, left MGU, and established other forums. Those who wished to talk about MGE peacefully and friendly had to leave MGU, and such situation made the vocal minority more "vocal", and made them spread more misunderstandings. This was serious issue for me.

Staffs of MGU might think what they have done was "volunteer" to spread MGE to more audience. But MGE is primarily the "doujin" work for Japanese people. "Doujin" means the small and local work which intended to be produced and consumed inside of the people who understand the context, and it is not business. It is rather annoying to be spread misinterpreted settings and be attacked.


However, I knew that most of MGU are good people and above was not enough reason to decide C&D. It was the reactions of MGU staffs that made me decide to take this action.

Like two years ago, the staff of MGU sent me a message. So I told them that the situation on MGU was unacceptable, and I was considering revoking the permission. But their reply said mostly "It's not our fault. We are doing our best." There was no apology for breaking their promise, or any suggestion about improvement the situation. This was enough for them to lose my trust. Negotiations then broke down. Meanwhile, one of them sent a provocative message to my friend who worked for me.

Now the staffs of MGU hide most of unfavourable affairs for them and claim they are the victims. So they try to make the people of MGU think I am a dictator and manchild. I permitted MGU to host MGE for the fans with good-will, and it was never for such unfaithful people. I can no longer trust the staff of MGU, and let them host my materials.

I feel sorry for the normal users of MGU who enjoyed MGE. If you still wish to see my works, I have permitted Monster Girls Redux(MGR) and The Monster Multiverse(TMM) to host them, so it would make me happy if you can enjoy MGE there.

Kenkou Cross

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